When Thinking in Pink


Standing in the lobby holding Tara’s pink dress made Richie feel extremely foolish. This was not his idea of fun nor his idea of how things needed to get resolved. Roxie had made a very serious plea for his help, so Richie was there waiting for his cue to walk in.

If things had been up to him, Richie was going to let this issue fade into history. They would be back to normal in no time. There was a good reason why they had drifted apart. Richie was super busy and tired the past several weeks and Tara had been lost in her own thoughts. They would get past it just fine. It was not the first nor the last time they’d experience a bit of cooling off.

However, for the sake of helping Roxie and Tara smooth things over with Will, RIchie now was eager to get this part of the charades over with. And good thing too, if other patrons looked any more closely at the pink dress in his arms, he’d walk out.

The signal was given, as Will adjusted his tie, allowing Richie to get on with his part in this intervention. The waiter was good with timing too, and delivered the chair just when Richie came into Tara’s field of view.

The look of concern oscillating with fear that crossed Tara’s face was priceless. Unlike the original plan, Richie opted to place the dress on the chair and walk away. For him, there was not much to discuss. His presence was not needed.

Fortunately, Will was ready. He had suspected that Richie would not stick around. This would be the nice icebreaker to fix the unspoken issue at work without risking too much private at home dynamics in the conversation.

Tara felt she could not avoid the topic anymore and looked to Roxie for guidance. This was one of those situations where girlfriends had to stick together. Whatever was going on, no matter how the cookie crumbled, the fellas could not have the upper hand here.

When Pink has red overtones

The eerie quiet of the house made the distance between Tara and Richie feel like an eternity. At the restaurant, things had improved and were well patched up. Laughter had eventually broken the surface and the food was great. Will and Roxie were very generous with their understanding of things.

While Tara had insisted all was well, Will walked away resolute not to buy another co-worker anything that might be considered personal again. It just was not worth the hassle. Too many questions were left opened by the gifts. It was not as innocently received as he had hoped.

Roxie pleaded with Tara to take the pink dress home to no avail. Tara was convinced that the rift was made worse by the dress. There was not much else Roxie could do but hold on to the dress for her friend in hopes that things would clear up and they could paint the town pink once more.

Tara’s quiet internal seething burned bright as she watched Richie from a distance going about his usual evening routine as if nothing had ever taken place. How dare he try to corner her emotionally with silent blackmail? What could she had done so wrong to deserve this. It was not until she had worn the outfit that she found out who the person was that had gifted it. She had used it on a few occasions and loved the attention. Now that was ruined.

With his work wrapped up, Richie made his way to the den to relax and put his mind in the right context. Any conversation with Tara had the potential of going sideways fast with her hurling a lot of angry heated emotionally charged words his way. He needed to be ready to be painted as guilty for all of this mess. It didn’t take him long before he found the right mindset he needed.

Richie embodied the framework of a secret agent who was coming back home after saving the world from the brink of destruction but was not allowed to share his story with anyone. His excitement and pride was his secret to hold, as any disclosure of his heroics was prohibited. Because of this, his lady had no idea how heroic he was. Instead, she was the housewife who was upset that her husband forgot to bring home the milk, yet again. This approach would help Richie see things more clearly as Tara would undoubtedly unleash on him soon.

Making his way to the bedroom, Richie heard the pace of his wife’s breathing. She was very upset and trying not to cry. He could feel the weight of her anguish looking for a target to focus on, which would be him shortly.

Unlike his usual, Richie did not enter the room with timidity or the posture of guilt. He walked in with as much confidence as he could muster and greeted his wife like he normally would on any normal day.

Tara paused herself for a minute. This man had the nerves to enter her room in full cockiness. He wrongly assumed he was correct then. Time to let him sink his own ship before she laid down the law.

Tara watched Richie undress and prepare himself for bed. She silently looked at every move and studied him for any weakness in stride. There was none. The man was carrying himself as a warrior. Something was different with him. The force of his energy signature was not typical. What did Richie know that she didn’t? Was this the way he was going to deliver the crushing blow to end the relationship officially?

Dimming the lights, Tara felt uncomfortable with the hunger in Richie’s eyes. There was no way this man could assume that things were so good that he was going to get some loving this very night. Not after that restaurant stunt, not after all that silent treatment, not after all this agonizing tension he had put her through.

Just as Tara turned and readied herself to unleash her venomous anger on the studly man in her bed, Richie placed his finger on her lips and shushed her with a degree of authority she had never seen in Richie before.

In a somewhat growl sounding controlled voice, Richie explained his disapproval of how the relationship had turned cold. He took ownership for the long wait before a serious conversation took place, as he was gathering the necessary data to present a clear discussion. He even expressed understanding that his choice of action had unsettled Tara’s feeling of security in their bond.

Pausing, Richie’s eyes probed Tara’s deeply. Removing his finger but raising his eyebrow in warning, Richie shifted the topic to ask a series of questions about Tara’s feelings, mood, desires, expectations, and understanding of the silence that had taken place. His calm authoritative low-growl tone kept Tara’s anger from flaring while keep her pinned to the bed as she could not find a way to fire an attack at him.

There was no finger pointing. There was no yelling. There was no blaming. The man was being very neutral about her side of the topic and very accountable about his side of the topic.

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  1. Leaving my comment of before reading 🙂 due to the title and ensemble of Pink!!! Now reading to comment later on, I will be detailed upon sharing my lovely thoughts.


  2. I loved the entire storyline overall, starting first off w Cancer awareness. I commend and adore supporting causes to help raise for a cure. Tara was amazing throughout the topic, as well as her lovely colleague Roxy of being a supportive go getter team player to dress alike and coordinate well together. I felt Richie on being that supportive husband benefiting/participating with his wife’s colleagues and friends. (That including coordinating his wardrobe in Pink). Loved getting dressed/ready to show off the “Pink” as it caught others attention in great ways, while Tara remained a Lady to be humbled and flattered on her outfit. Skipping towards the end…to wonder if Richie shared his feelings with Tara about Will and did he purchase those gifts…hmmm only one can wonder!!!! Thank You for this story, it truly meant so much reading and had me on the edge as this was The Story of all this far loves perspective. Looking forward of reading more stories/and adventuring to Shallows Deep etc….


    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I’m so happy this story caught your attention like it did

      I shouldn’t spoil any angles of the story….I might want to write more on this later.

      I tried to capture the real play of perspectives in this story. A little of many walks of life.

      From what you commented, that went much better than expected.

      The dynamics was very fun to create. We will see where the imagination takes me next


  3. I know pink socially belongs to the fight against breast cancer and I stake no claim to the term but ..wicked smile.. when I hear “think pink” I get a warm fuzzy feeling and think about pink rosy toasty cheeks.


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