When Thinking in Pink

A bit of chill


Tara seemed a bit confused with how Richie had been acting the rest of the week after the concert. He had nothing to say about the concert, he didn’t bring it back up at all. Ordinarily, Richie took some time to recover from very loud social events, like a concert. Richie was one of those introverts that could fool you into thinking he was an extrovert. He called himself an ambivert. As far as Tara could understand it, Richie was able to be both depending on the circumstances.

This was different however. Not one to ever be jealous of any of her guy friends, Tara was starting to wonder if the photo with Will was bothering Richie. The problem was how to bring this up in conversation without risking looking suspicious or guilty. Not trying to rock the otherwise smooth sailing boat, Tara kept quiet and watched.

What Tara had not counted on was the viral nature of that selfie with Will. The whole office was buzzing with curiosity. Did Will manage to warm things up between himself, Roxie, and Tara? And if so, how did he manage to pull that off? While Will was currently single, so was Roxie. The whole of the office knew that Tara was not available, but there were no photo proof that Richie was in the life of Tara.

The teasing was as one would expect. Tara tried to hide her blushing, but she couldn’t shake off the attention. On the one hand, it was not cool. On the other hand, her co-workers were very hilarious with it. That was until someone made a meme out of some of the jokes and posted them online.

What would Richie feel if he ever found out?

When a word makes one blush

Tara was counting on things cooling off on their own. She didn’t want to rock the boat too much. She had approached her co-workers in a quiet and discrete fashion and explained her feelings about being the center of such unwanted attention. They got the message and things returned to normal.

All except one person in the mail room. They had a earful to give Tara. Being from the prior generation, Tara felt the wisdom was worth listening to on the grounds of respect. That’s when Tara found out that Will had been the secret gift giving person in the office. He had selected Tara and Roxie as the recipient of his gifts.

This was not good. Could Will have been the one who created the memes? Was there another angle to this that she had not considered? Did she have to discuss this with Richie? And how would he react to this development?

Tara’s face was feeling flushed with heat. Nothing about all the activities were blatant violations of any policies. Nothing was so wrong that action could be taken against Will. He had gotten outfits for other people, she couldn’t say she was singled out. And she loved the dress. What was she to do, return it? She had no proof that Will had given it to her other than hear-say.

That night, Tara felt oddly cold sharing the news with Richie. He sat listening. No comments. No emotions. Just listened calmly.

Tara wished her husband said something, anything. Even got mad. Yelled, accused, or stormed out. Anything for her to work with. Richie sat calm and quiet.

Meanwhile, at Roxie’s

The conversations between Will and Roxie had grown in intensity. They had a definitive connection. They shared a lot in common beyond what they had known to be there already from work. They also both cared passionately about raising funds to fight breast cancer.

The similarity of ensembles at the concert was not lost on Roxie. She had sensed there was something special about the dresses as soon as she had seen Tara.

Roxie had some small feelings for Will for some time but had kept quiet about it. Roxie felt that a guy needed to have enough confidence in himself to make a move on a lady if he was interested in courting such a lady. The gifted dress had no names associated with it, but the way the outfit fell on her body, Roxie understood that it was someone who loved her figure.

Tara was the only other woman in the office who’s body would fill out such a dress that very same way. They both had the coveted hour-glass figure that many women wanted and guys admired.

What Roxie was not completely sure about was why Tara had gotten the same dress in a soft pink. As much as Will tried to hide his feelings at work, people knew that his eyes enjoyed the view of Tara’s walk whenever she passed his desk. Everyone knew that he had a thing for well endowed women as well. Eyes that linger just on the edge of polite… don’t lie very well.

No matter how delicately Roxie tried to tease out the truth from Will, he never gave enough information to confirm that he had bought both dresses. Roxie could understand why Will was noncommittal about this. After all, if word got out to the rest of the team, it would put Tara in an awkward position.

If Will was secretly hoping to make a run at Tara, he was going to be wasting his time. Nothing in his conversations with Roxie led her to believe he was waiting for a miraculous opening to get Tara. It could just be a bad set of coincidences that raised a few questions about the wisdom of getting such a racy dress for more than one woman.

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5 thoughts on “When Thinking in Pink

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  1. Leaving my comment of before reading 🙂 due to the title and ensemble of Pink!!! Now reading to comment later on, I will be detailed upon sharing my lovely thoughts.


  2. I loved the entire storyline overall, starting first off w Cancer awareness. I commend and adore supporting causes to help raise for a cure. Tara was amazing throughout the topic, as well as her lovely colleague Roxy of being a supportive go getter team player to dress alike and coordinate well together. I felt Richie on being that supportive husband benefiting/participating with his wife’s colleagues and friends. (That including coordinating his wardrobe in Pink). Loved getting dressed/ready to show off the “Pink” as it caught others attention in great ways, while Tara remained a Lady to be humbled and flattered on her outfit. Skipping towards the end…to wonder if Richie shared his feelings with Tara about Will and did he purchase those gifts…hmmm only one can wonder!!!! Thank You for this story, it truly meant so much reading and had me on the edge as this was The Story of all this far loves perspective. Looking forward of reading more stories/and adventuring to Shallows Deep etc….


    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I’m so happy this story caught your attention like it did

      I shouldn’t spoil any angles of the story….I might want to write more on this later.

      I tried to capture the real play of perspectives in this story. A little of many walks of life.

      From what you commented, that went much better than expected.

      The dynamics was very fun to create. We will see where the imagination takes me next


  3. I know pink socially belongs to the fight against breast cancer and I stake no claim to the term but ..wicked smile.. when I hear “think pink” I get a warm fuzzy feeling and think about pink rosy toasty cheeks.


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