When Thinking in Pink

The Thought of Pink


Richie sat quietly on the edge of the bed. His thoughts were well outside the bedroom. What had he missed. Before approaching his wife, he had to make sure he had all the facts right. From everything he knew and understood, his relationship was fine. There was nothing to worry about.

Never having had to deal with another man gifting his wife anything this nice before, Richie was unsure how to proceed. The compounding effect of Roxie having the same dress as Tara at the concert made this more delicate and complicated.

The way his boys would have advised him, Richie knew he had grounds to get mad. No guy he know would find it perfectly OK for his wife to sport another man’s preferred clothing. However, Richie knew Tara. She would not have easily walked into this situation without giving it good thought or conversation.

That is what made the silence so much more difficult to understand. Tara was not saying a word. She was not coming forward with any insight. She had retreated to the far side of the bed and had closed up.

Richie tried to imagine a reason why Tara would say nothing, but his mind could not find a good reason for the silence. Trying to put on his thinking cap to see it from a woman’s perspective, the faint notion that Tara might be misreading his quietness made some sense but didn’t convince him much.

Reviewing the images of the concert in his head, Richie felt that the company had done a great job of providing their employees enough variety of style for their pink ensembles. It was very clear that Tara and Roxie were the only ones who did not get their dresses from the company’s catalog and they gathered the most amount of attention from everyone.

Feeling Tara’s mood sour and isolate even more, Richie was torn between reaching out to his lady and assuring her that he was OK and letting her stew for not reaching out to him to share her thoughts. Tara retreated all the more, worried that her relationship had spiraled off track for reasons more than the dress seemed to imply. Richie was locked in a deep dark dangerous place and there was nothing she could do about it.

Richie also was wondering how to act very diplomatically about the fact that Tara loved this pink dress a lot. She looked very confident in it and she beamed of happiness that was not always seen in her other more conservative outfits.

Alas, there was no clear cut answer for this. Richie was not going to ask his buddies how to handle this, as they were prone to jealous bouts over their wives. Asking his lady friends was inviting too many chefs into his relationship. The thought of placing a social media poll was tantamount to asking for disaster. This one would require some serious reflection.

Not wanting to ruin his sleep, Richie slowly got up and took a walking lap around their home to clear out his thoughts. Tara on her end grew ever more nervous and worried. RIchie had never closed himself off to her this much this long. What was he thinking? Where was the relationship going? What had she done that was so horrible that he couldn’t talk to her? This had to be more than just the benefit concert. Richie could not possibly think she had a thing for Will over one silly selfie photo, could he?

Tossed over in pink

Tara’s night was fraught with bad thoughts. What if Will’s dress meant something more? What would this do to her career? How would this affect their working environment. In the office, Will acted like normal and business was comfortable. Once the gossipers had stopped creating fiction, the office returned to it’s normal usual pleasant place.

Tara searched for clues. She wanted to know if the dress meant more than just a gift. Best she could figure was Will had a thing for Roxie and they were hitting it off pretty well. Their discretion was good but Tara knew what telltale signs to look for.

Obviously, the pink dress was a decoy to cover Will’s feelings for Roxie. Why else would Roxie get the hot pink dress instead of an identical one as she had… Tara reflected.

This could only mean one thing. Richie was really capable of being jealous. On one hand, that was fun to know. Tara had worked very hard to push Richie to show any kind of jealousy. It made her feel like he cared all the more whenever he could be made to be jealous. Sadly, nothing ever worked. Richie was confident and secure and didn’t mind her being freely herself. This dress situation was probably the first window of jealousy.

The downside to this discovery was that Richie closed himself off. He didn’t speak. He didn’t laugh. He didn’t acknowledge much of anything Tara did. This perplexed Tara immensely. Richie had basically switched from the loving warm husband she knew and adored to a cold distant roommate who was giving her the cold shoulder. Tara was not liking this type of jealousy at all.

Where was the confrontation, the fight, the arguing, the stomping of feet, the laying down of rules, or the drawing lines in the sand? Richie was supposed to fight for her. He was supposed to demonstrate all this manliness in trying to keep her away from Will. He was supposed to insist she throws out her dress and she was supposed to argue with him that he was overreacting. Tara wanted the heat of battle and prove to her loving jealous man that he was being crazy and wrong. Then, they’d cool off, he’d ask for forgiveness. They’d cuddle, make love, and things would be OK and she’d still have her sexy pink dress.

With Richie now soundly asleep as if no care in the world existed, there was no more joy in wearing her pink dress. Richie had taken all the fun out of the game of love. The man was an iceberg of total dark silence.

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  1. Leaving my comment of before reading 🙂 due to the title and ensemble of Pink!!! Now reading to comment later on, I will be detailed upon sharing my lovely thoughts.


  2. I loved the entire storyline overall, starting first off w Cancer awareness. I commend and adore supporting causes to help raise for a cure. Tara was amazing throughout the topic, as well as her lovely colleague Roxy of being a supportive go getter team player to dress alike and coordinate well together. I felt Richie on being that supportive husband benefiting/participating with his wife’s colleagues and friends. (That including coordinating his wardrobe in Pink). Loved getting dressed/ready to show off the “Pink” as it caught others attention in great ways, while Tara remained a Lady to be humbled and flattered on her outfit. Skipping towards the end…to wonder if Richie shared his feelings with Tara about Will and did he purchase those gifts…hmmm only one can wonder!!!! Thank You for this story, it truly meant so much reading and had me on the edge as this was The Story of all this far loves perspective. Looking forward of reading more stories/and adventuring to Shallows Deep etc….


    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I’m so happy this story caught your attention like it did

      I shouldn’t spoil any angles of the story….I might want to write more on this later.

      I tried to capture the real play of perspectives in this story. A little of many walks of life.

      From what you commented, that went much better than expected.

      The dynamics was very fun to create. We will see where the imagination takes me next


  3. I know pink socially belongs to the fight against breast cancer and I stake no claim to the term but ..wicked smile.. when I hear “think pink” I get a warm fuzzy feeling and think about pink rosy toasty cheeks.


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