When Thinking in Pink

The month of October, through the efforts of a few determined folks, has the color pink as the central color in honor of the fight against breast cancer.

Today’s post will feature the color pink as the central theme of the storyline. While this post has nothing to do with breast cancer research at all, if you’re inclined to help in this fight, please, do what you can to help.

This post is written with all the woman I know who have fought the good fight and have gained an edge. Not just in fighting breast cancer itself, but also cancer in other forms as well. You ladies rock! God bless you! Stay strong!

When Thinking Pink


Richie was smiling a warm smile. He love seeing his lady, Tara, getting dressed. She had a certain way about her as she moved and adjusted herself to slip into her dresses.

He was happy to see her wearing her favorite new pink dress. It was very much contour following with a very generous neckline. While not entirely too short, Richie would not advise his lady to bend down at the waist to pick up something off the floor on a breezy day, as the flared A-lined hem would catch too much flight.

They were on their way to a benefit concert to celebrate an anniversary that was dear to Tara’s heart. Her mother and aunt had beaten their cancer that nearly had taken their life. The surgeries were successful and the reconstruction amazing.

The family had raised a lot of cash through various charity runs and walks to help fund both research and the life giving surgeries the mom and aunt had needed.

Tara smiled watching her man watch her getting dressed. Richie looked so enamored by the simple process of her getting dress. It’s not like he hadn’t seen this for many years in their marriage. However, the fact that he found it to be something very special warmed her heart to the point of making her blush.

The dress was a gift from a secret admire at work. Richie had not seemed to react to the arrival of the dress, nor had he asked any questions about it. As far as he was concerned, Richie loved the way his wife looked in her pink dress. It was perfect for the benefit concert.

In his button pink shirt and darker pink tie, Richie felt like a million dollars representing the cause that meant so much to his family.

The Concert

All went smoothly well during the concert. The sea of pink was beautiful. The media had grabbed on to the story and a lot of attention was brought to the event. The promoters had done a fantastic job.

Late in the evening, a pink suited man approached and introduced himself as Will. Richie took note of how his wife beamed yet felt very cautiously guarded. With perked ears, Richie tuned in his focus to understand why his otherwise very outgoing lady was being guarded around Will.

Nothing concrete seemed to jump out of the conversation other than Will’s eyes seemed to be a bit too focused on the generosity of the neckline of the pink dress Tara was wearing. Richie, not one to have much insecurity, found the complimentary gaze withing the outer limits of comfortable.

Ordinarily, that would not have meant much to Richie other than the fact another lady, in hot pink, arrived with a very similarly designed dress. As the two women shared pleasantries, Richie watched with interest how Will had shifted to being a little uncomfortable himself in much the same way Tara had been moments before.

It turns out that Roxy, the lady in hot pink, was also a co-worker of Tara’s. They had worked on their own cancer research fundraisers in the past. They were so happy to be back together and were busy sharing stories about lives saved. Will seemed to have a hard time deciding which neckline to focus his attention on the longest while trying to appear focused on the conversation.

As the chatter wound down between the ladies, Richie started to step back to better understand the dynamics that was before him. Will had not stated that he worked with either Tara or Roxie. His eyes were very distracted. The outfits were extremely similar and seemed to have the same accentuated features. Plunging necklines and very short hemlines that made sitting an art.

Then, the final clue came in. Both women found it very comical that they were both sporting gifts that they had been given. The dresses were gifts.

Richie’s mind clicked all the missing details as he noticed Will stiffen up even more as the ladies laughed about having gotten gifts that looked so much alike.

In the parking lot

On the way towards their car, Tara spoke to Richie about the fun she had at the concert. She was so happy her husband was so supportive and involved in helping her meet the goals she had for the year. The effort had been very fruitful. The couple had done a great job raising awareness as well as funds

Turns out that Roxie had done a fantastic job herself as well. The company had not only agreed to match their efforts throughout all their challenges, they sponsored pink outfits for most of the employees who had gone to the concert as well.

Arriving to their car, Richie was slightly annoyed to find Will waiting for them. He had another compliment to share about the outfit Tara was wearing and wanted to take a selfie with her before she went home. It was clear to Richie that Tara wasn’t sure what to do and that Will was not ready to hear no for an answer… as he swooped into position to take the photo.

Not having much to go on than instinct, Richie kept quiet and stayed put as if photo-bombing the duo. Will, thankfully, split hastily after the photo and found his car two aisles back as Tara found her seat.

The ride home was strangely quiet. Richie didn’t have much to say, it was late. Tara felt that something was off but couldn’t put her finger on what had changed. Could Richie be upset about the harmless photo moment for the company’s social media cancer campaign?

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5 thoughts on “When Thinking in Pink

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  1. Leaving my comment of before reading 🙂 due to the title and ensemble of Pink!!! Now reading to comment later on, I will be detailed upon sharing my lovely thoughts.


  2. I loved the entire storyline overall, starting first off w Cancer awareness. I commend and adore supporting causes to help raise for a cure. Tara was amazing throughout the topic, as well as her lovely colleague Roxy of being a supportive go getter team player to dress alike and coordinate well together. I felt Richie on being that supportive husband benefiting/participating with his wife’s colleagues and friends. (That including coordinating his wardrobe in Pink). Loved getting dressed/ready to show off the “Pink” as it caught others attention in great ways, while Tara remained a Lady to be humbled and flattered on her outfit. Skipping towards the end…to wonder if Richie shared his feelings with Tara about Will and did he purchase those gifts…hmmm only one can wonder!!!! Thank You for this story, it truly meant so much reading and had me on the edge as this was The Story of all this far loves perspective. Looking forward of reading more stories/and adventuring to Shallows Deep etc….


    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I’m so happy this story caught your attention like it did

      I shouldn’t spoil any angles of the story….I might want to write more on this later.

      I tried to capture the real play of perspectives in this story. A little of many walks of life.

      From what you commented, that went much better than expected.

      The dynamics was very fun to create. We will see where the imagination takes me next


  3. I know pink socially belongs to the fight against breast cancer and I stake no claim to the term but ..wicked smile.. when I hear “think pink” I get a warm fuzzy feeling and think about pink rosy toasty cheeks.


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