When Thinking in Pink

Unexpected thought of pink


The weeks had flown by agonizingly slow, if that was even possible. Tara had lost weight from being so stressed out about the fate of her relationship with Richie. All these good years seemed to be lost over something as silly as a pink dress. The thought of one silly photo in a parking lot being the cause of this much damage was too hurtful for Tara to accept. It had to be the dress.

In an awkward act of desperation, Tara had talked to Will about this. She blamed him for wrecking her marriage. She demanded he take the dress back. She accused him of undermining what she held dear. She admitted that she thought Richie would never figure it out, but the way he had acted in the parking lot made it hard to ignore the possibility of him knowing.

Will was the usual attentive gentleman he could be when he wanted to be. For a change, his eyes did not dip below eye contact. The man seemed to genuinely care and listen intently to her woes. When she was done laying it thick, instead of arguing and countering and getting defensive, he apologized profusely. Very sincerely at that.

Tara felt horrible. She now had changed the dynamics at work and was no where closer to finding a solution at home to this problem. Will offered to talk to Richie but Tara thought that was a bad idea. Things would have to get repaired somehow, she just didn’t now how.

Even though Will assured her that this would not change a thing for their working relationship, his refusal to take the dress back left a weird uncomfortable feeling in her throat. Tara felt she had to burn the dress. It was making her life miserable. She couldn’t wear it ever again. What if Will secretly had a thing for her and had masked it super well. What if…

Poor Roxie. She had no idea either. Tara felt even worse. She was friends with Roxie. She had approached Will without talking to Roxie about it first. This was not good. This was so not good.

Why would Richie not talk. This would have never gotten this out of hand if only he had said something a while ago. It now was totally Richie’s fault. Tara just had not figured how to punish him for wrecking her joy. In time, she would figure it out and he would pay very dearly for not fighting for this relationship to work.

Pink Dinner

Tara was lost in thought as she made her way to her car. Roxie’s presence next to her car caught her by surprise. The stern look on Roxie’s face was not a good sign. There was not enough time to prepare a convincing story for why she had approached Will either.

Putting on the best smile she could, Tara greeted her friend and hoped for the best. Turns out that Roxie was not at all worried about Will but instead the sadness and heaviness of heart that Tara had been carrying around very silently. It was not like their friendship to be so quiet about heavy things in life.

Well, not everything was discusses, as they were coworkers, but enough to be good friends who happen to work together.

Tara tried to minimize the concerns and put on her best confident face. Roxie accepted it as it was not her place to pry too deeply. She did let Tara know that it would be in everyone’s best interest if Richie knew what was bothering his wife so much.

On that note, the two gals split and left. They both had plans. Only Roxie knew that the plans would have their paths cross a bit later that night. Maybe keeping that a secret would give Tara a chance to understand what it feels like to be frozen out of caring.

As Tara approached the dinner table that she had reserved for herself, she was very pleasantly surprised to find Will sitting opposite her favorite spot. This was a twist. Will had his pink tie on with his crisp navy blue suit. He did look very dapper and had groomed himself impeccably.

Noticing these details made Tara feel all the more uncomfortable. She knew her feelings for Richie were true. Will was just a momentary problem at work that needed to remain just so.

As Tara made herself comfortable, she was glad that Will had not gotten up to assist her to her seat. That would have made the surprise all the more uncomfortable.

As they engaged in polite chats, Will made a point of avoiding any conversation about the pink dress. From his perspective, he was just doing his lady a huge favor. Roxie had insisted that this pink dress business gets addressed in a manner fitting of adults.

The gift had proved to be a huge burden for Tara, something Will had miscalculated before making the purchase. In fact, Will was starting to think that the wrong message was sent, even though he had gone out of his way to be as discrete as possible and maximize plausible deniability.

Before the wait staff could start orders, as planned, Will smiled and touched his collar to signal Roxie to join. Tara was caught by surprised to see her friend wearing her usual beaming smile as she joined in. The extra chair was delivered perfectly by the waiter and Roxie sat close to Will and picked up the conversation as if she had been there all along.

Tara’s mind was racing to try to get ahead of what was shaping up to feel like an intervention of sorts. The topic of the dress didn’t come up, however the conversation was moving towards the importance of honesty amongst friends and loved ones. The subtle emphasis on the destructive nature of secrets kept creeping up ever so slightly. Tara needed to figure an exit point and change the topic, but Will and Roxie were too polished in delivery to leave any openings.

The line about secrets keeping people from having more abundant loving in their romance made Tara blush. She was missing her husband desperately. They had never gone this long without romance, let alone skin to skin bonding. As much as she tried to contain her pink hue, there was no secret she had to hide. It was Richie’s fault that things had ground to a halt.

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  1. Leaving my comment of before reading 🙂 due to the title and ensemble of Pink!!! Now reading to comment later on, I will be detailed upon sharing my lovely thoughts.


  2. I loved the entire storyline overall, starting first off w Cancer awareness. I commend and adore supporting causes to help raise for a cure. Tara was amazing throughout the topic, as well as her lovely colleague Roxy of being a supportive go getter team player to dress alike and coordinate well together. I felt Richie on being that supportive husband benefiting/participating with his wife’s colleagues and friends. (That including coordinating his wardrobe in Pink). Loved getting dressed/ready to show off the “Pink” as it caught others attention in great ways, while Tara remained a Lady to be humbled and flattered on her outfit. Skipping towards the end…to wonder if Richie shared his feelings with Tara about Will and did he purchase those gifts…hmmm only one can wonder!!!! Thank You for this story, it truly meant so much reading and had me on the edge as this was The Story of all this far loves perspective. Looking forward of reading more stories/and adventuring to Shallows Deep etc….


    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I’m so happy this story caught your attention like it did

      I shouldn’t spoil any angles of the story….I might want to write more on this later.

      I tried to capture the real play of perspectives in this story. A little of many walks of life.

      From what you commented, that went much better than expected.

      The dynamics was very fun to create. We will see where the imagination takes me next


  3. I know pink socially belongs to the fight against breast cancer and I stake no claim to the term but ..wicked smile.. when I hear “think pink” I get a warm fuzzy feeling and think about pink rosy toasty cheeks.


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