The VIPG Counsel

The Counsel Forms

Marcy needed to find out as quickly as possible if Mr. H belonged to any of these grouping of knights. Her biggest fear was that he would prove to not belong to any order of these knights. To her best understanding, he was not part of the more garish group, as they usually were seasoned or older and seasoned. Mr. H was quite young and very gallant. His coded communications did not lend themselves to any classification she had seen of late. His modality sounded more in line with the older lesser known nearly forgotten order of knights who used to run the social scenes.

The VIPG council needed to work quickly and quietly to get the information they needed. The preliminary evidence was already showing that Mr. H had infiltrated many ranks of nobility and shared a vision of his future that had won a lot of approval. The noble sages were willing to work with him and help him perfect his craft. Their agenda was opaque and mysterious. What would be of Marcy if she didn’t uncover the motives hidden behind these closed walls.

Rare Access

The author of this piece was given a rare pass to access one of the earliest of meetings around the situation call “the pest”. There was no need for secret code names, everyone in the square had seen the chase and had loved every moment of it. Many had wished there was an official release of the video from the square. There were no leaks, no side comments, no off the record hints. The powers that were did not want to accelerate what looked like a done deal.

Marcy entered the chambers in a remote tower that overlooked the square from a safe distance. There, she waited to meet the other ladies of the counsel so she could brief them. The author of this article was to remain silent and observe. His role would be defined later. This rare opportunity was a massively risky maneuver and break from protocol. The degree of risk couldn’t be measured, but weighed the air heavily. There were many agents employed to keep this counsel top secret. Never had a man been allowed to enter the gates and partake.

As the women filed in, it was impressive to note the degree of formality mixed with free flowing casualness about them. Unlike any other counsel known to the scribe of this piece, the ladies all arrived dressed in a special color reserved for the most powerful of noble matrons of the order of the court. Understanding the immense power held in this circle, the scribe made a mental note to upgrade his connections, as he had never been this close to this much power in a given private room before. The only other places that held such influence or more were clearly understood by all to be such power places.

After the formalities were taken care of, the group sat to pontificate about the situation involving “the pest”. The details were amazing. The background checks had been thorough. The suitor known as Mr.H had all his secrets set on the table for the counsel to discuss. What was missing was the details of the code that Mr. H used to communicate. That code, known to many as the bro code, was no where in sight. That was the puzzle that needed sorting, and the scribe quickly understood why he was chosen to be a guest.

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