The VIPG Counsel

It Gets Real, Fast

Now that the initial meeting was done, it was time to set the new agenda. The scribe was asked stand guard in the hallway as the ladies discussed what would be. While waiting, that’s when a lady appeared. This particular matron was to be feared as well as loved. She had deep connections that spanned multiple kingdoms over several vast lands and seas.

Fear gripped the scribe. In the woman’s eyes was great searching and questioning. Clearly, a scribe was not supposed to be present in this area. Worse, she recognized the pedigree of the scribe.

As she carefully chose her words, she laid out her understanding of who the scribe was. It can not be stressed enough the amount of fear that gripped this writer. This lady had insight few knew. As she spoke, her diction laid crumbs of evidence as to who she was.

She was Her Baroness.

As terror rose through the scribe, he understood that she could easily dispatch him and have him banned from the court, his livelihood cut, his access denied, and the reputation damages in his own land would be too great to mitigate.

Pulling deep into his parcel of verbal skills, the scribe made a small declaration in the ancient code that Her Baroness would understand but the guards would have no understanding of. This dialect was nearly extinct and the scribe didn’t have much command of the basics. However, the part he knew, he knew well. She registered the message. With a degree of suspicion, she mulled over the code. With a small smile she let the scribe understand that his error in travels was forgiven this one time. Bidding him peace, she moved down the passage way and disappeared.

Time didn’t seem to move at all.

An eternity passed.

The guards looked about uneasy.

There was no command.

Clearly, they didn’t understand the code, as it had no context or relevancy to them or the conversation they had overheard. One of the ladies of the counsel appeared and inquired on the plans for the afternoon. The scribe understood the code and responded with the plans for the next fortnight. Watching the guards ease their formation a bit, the scribe nodded and took off for his home ground.

It would be some time before the gravity of the situation became clear to all involved. The scribe had averted an international incident that would have been far more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

The meeting date had been set for a fortnight later. Would the VIPG Counsel reveal their plans and include the scribe? You’ll have to stay tuned. This story takes many twists and turns. Not all the details will be made known, but those who understand, will quickly see the allure and amusement in the developments. Until next time, don’t go upsetting anyone with the code name Her Baroness

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