Just Ask Already! His Side

The Rationale

Connor had so many wonderful things going for him. Smart, sharp, adventurous, unafraid of risk, and curious in a healthy way, he was breaking records and molds at his tech job. The man was starting to stack awards upon awards in his industry. On paper, Connor was a man’s man. He had the social life, the connections, the respect.

His private sanctuary of personal life was well protected from all the career accolades and that was just fine with him.

However, all of that meant precious little. That girl, that distraction, that pain in his side, that… Betsy. She just was too beautiful and would destroy it all.

Connor kept reminding himself not to place Betsy on any pedestal or hold her in too high an esteem. They could pass for friends at work, yet he was not sure where he stood with her at any given point in time.

The number one reason to squash these feelings as soon as possible was the career. Connor could not afford for unattainable love to ruin things. He couldn’t have her because she didn’t want him.

Besides, women generated drama. Wasn’t that their specialty? They needed and craved too much from their guys. Whenever you had to focus, they had needs. His fast paced career needed much time and commitment. Why introduce entropy into an already complex endeavor.

Worse, the more he tried to get Betsy’s attention, the clearer it became that she was actively rejecting him. All his kind gestures meant nothing.

The open doors…

Meant nothing.

The coffee done just right…


The extra smile whenever she wore something hot. Which was like every single day…


The well placed compliment when the outfit was extra hot, which was like every single other day…


How could she not see that he was miserably attracted to her. Instead of showing gratitude, she was always talking to the office bad boy.

Considering how much attention he had invested and lavished, it could be viewed as rude that she didn’t return the favor. It was worse than being in the dreaded friend zone. They were friends, or so he assumed. But, she just took and took his affection and returned the investment to the office bad boy. The one who would always remain nameless as far as Connor was concerned. No need giving him any additional credit for stealing his due affection and admiration.

OK, that was a bit thick and much, but that’s how Connor felt whenever his feelings got revved up and ignored. Betsy knew what she was doing.

She just had to.

Insulting is what it was. Insulting to his intelligence.

Connor had more potential and more actualized talent than that rude brute. The other women of the office who shouldn’t be in awe of him were. The other women around the way knew and admired him. It’s not like he was bad looking and untalented.

Insulting it was.

That was it. Connor understood what he had to do. He had to get away from the nectar of Betsy. Her spices were ruining his latte. She was poison. The type of woman that seduces and discards good men.

Connor made a note to transfer offices. Preferably one on a different continent in the opposite time zone so there would be no reason to ever have to deal with Betsy.

The thought of not seeing Betsy just agitated his soul to the most remote of fibers and chords it had.

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