Just Ask Already! The Party

There’s more?

Looking back, to his surprise, there was Sabine walking as fast as her heels would allow trying to catch up to him. Oh no, this was not quite how the universe should be treating him right now. This was not necessary.

As she caught up to him out of breath, she struggled to pull her words together without sounding beat.

“You… walk so… darn fast… and your… your head… lost… fog”

Connor had to laugh. There was no explaining how he ended up in front of the office party’s hotel the very night of the party, the one time he even came through to the office after many weeks of hibernation at home.

Giving Sabine a chance to catch her breath, he waited patiently while making a point of softening his stance. It didn’t take long for Sabine to get herself together and start digging into Connor. She really was not happy with his way of dismissing her not that long ago.

Once that matter was resolved, Sabine changed her tone to a very caring and borderline mothering tone. She touched his shoulder for emphasis, cocked her head, smiled, and delivered what she hoped was her best pitch to this stubborn man.

“Connor, there are many opportunities you’re missing because you’re scared of women. Stop it already. Let us in. Let us enrich your life. Now, go and be a good boy. Talk to Betsy. You’ll find that she’s not going to bite. What do you have to lose?”

There was that phrase again. What could possibly be worse than humiliation not just in front of the department, but the whole of the company

“OK. Fine. But I’m not going in like Rex”

That garnered a hearty laugh from Sabine who patted his shoulder and pushed him back towards the hotel. Still laughing and shaking her head, she pushed and directed Connor towards the entrance.

“Go. Be yourself. Get your closure. Live free of fear”

Well, Connor thought, that’s really an interesting way to frame things. Maybe there was something to his perception that was failing him. Maybe he was really over-thinking things. Or not looking in the right direction.

Now at the entrance, Sabine stopped and smiled her million dollar smile and pointed back to the lobby.

“When you’re done, just maybe, just maybe, you’ll see how good a friend you do have in me”

The way her eyes twinkled and her smile danced, Connor felt at a loss. Did he misread Sabine too?

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