Just Ask Already! The Party

At least now you know

As Connor entered the main hall, the familiar vibe of celebration his company was known for reverberated to the rhythm of the bass beat pulsing in 3D about the place. This would have normally made him feel festive. A sense of sadness washed over him. He was about to find out just how awful his fate would be without the option of fast forwarding the bad parts.

As he slowly made his way straight down the center of the room, scanning about, his eyes caught a vision of love that blasted every single bit of his defense mechanism clean clear out of the water.

Feeling emotionally naked and raw, Connor swallowed any hint of pride he had and kept walking. At least his stance had been confident when he entered the hall. It was too late to adjust now, if Betsy saw him switch gait, it would underscore his fragility and close any additional hope there could be. Not that the engaged Betsy would give him any chances anyway.

Biting his inner cheek to squelch the foolery playing in his head, he started playing his favorite battle mantra to steady his resolve. Not knowing what he was about to do, Connor just advanced and hoped he could figure it out as he approached.

Betsy felt a presence that was familiar to her and was sorely missed. She turned and looked to see Connor approaching her in his street clothing. Surprised by the view, she took solace in seeing his confidence at an all time high. The swag he held for when he was closing a huge deal, that was on and in full effect causing her heart to stir around beats while skipping in anticipation.

She noticed her hips adjusting subtly to match the pace of his motion towards her.

Please…Please… Let it be the night you come to your senses, sweet Connor, this is your only chance

Oh how Betsy wished the vibes she was trying to send would reach this man. If only he knew. She was still angry with him for disappearing. As far as she was concerned, this was his first major cowardly move and it had better be his last too. There were no other chances to be given.

As Connor closed the gap to her, he came to a stand still extremely close to her. It’s not like the music was too loud at this very moment. The DJ had switched to something more romantic and slower paced as well as less loud. She could sense his heart and feel his energy radiating brightly at her. She could almost taste him.

Looking inquisitively into his eyes, letting her hazel eyes probe his soul, Connor stood strangely still. As if trying to figure something. It was not rocket science. He just had to say hi.

Instead, he looked away at something behind her. Betsy’s heart started to shake. This, this was the moment. But, he looked away… why?!?!

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