Feminism Changed our Marriage – intro

The Trilogy – Legal Speak-ish

This week, we will discuss a few minor points about these types of changes and how a couple potentially handle them.

It’s a fictional account that was influenced by a few social media conversations some time ago. It’s for entertainment purposes. This is not advice. Changes listed under the “Counselor” part of the story are not based on science, facts, recommendations from an actual counselor, thus should not be treated as recommendations for any reader to apply to their own relationship.

Should you feel the need to have changes made and need advice, do please seek a qualified counselor who can assist you.

All of this legal sounding terms is to help clarify that this is a work of fiction for your entertainment only. No matter how relevant, pressing, timely it may sound. As a fictional account, none of the characters are designed to represent anyone, situations, or ideas of a person.

Another Sneak Peak

Albert felt that his preciously guarded personal life was going to get shut down. Dorothy knew little about his private life outside their marriage. There was nothing to hide but everything to lose. Should she discover that his happiness flourished outside the home, Dorothy would do all in her power to destroy his joy and happiness.

It was bad enough that Dorothy had nearly wiped all evidence of Albert out of their home. Practically sanitized it clear out. With each passing week, Dorothy left a note about something Albert needed to throw away. Throwing away his own presence.

Shaking his head, Albert wondered about the Kool Aide had been drinking. He had given up much ground to Dorothy. Now, the last stand needed to be taken. All this modern talk about freedom of independent female voices had silenced his.

Albert couldn’t think of where to start with the blame throwing, instead, he did what he did best. He blamed himself for having gotten so deeply twisted.

If his outside fun was in the arms of another woman, Albert would not be mad at Dorothy for cracking down on his fun. However, his fun had been clean, wholesome, income producing, legitimate work. Just not the kind of work Dorothy wanted him to do. Albert didn’t have a job, he had several gigs that paid well.

Now, Dorothy was on a witch hunt to expunge all the fun that was left in his soul, all in the name of equal rights. What right did she have to destroy his life in order for her to have a great one?

The Trilogy – Feminism Changed Our Marriage

The story will appear in the next few blog posts. Below will be a set of links to take readers of the future directly to the various chapters they want to read first. For those reading the blog in real time, the links won’t show up until the chapters have been published.

When the links go live, just click on the image or title to be taken to the appropriate chapter of interest.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments and feedback. And really appreciate those who click like and/or share this post on their social media. Helps with visibility, helps with stroking the ego of this writer, helps with search engine optimization, and helps others see that this was helpful for someone’s romantic reading entertainment.

Huge thanks to all my loyal readers. You make this fun practice that much more enjoyable!

Without further chatter…

  1. Feminism Changed our Marriage – intro - Intro - When gender roles get challenged along the career path, some strange things start to happen in Dorothy's and Albert's life Will their relationship survive the changes? Trilogy coming...
  2. Feminism Changed Our Marriage 1/3 - Part 1 - Trilogy Dorothy discovers, through friends, that she's not leading her family as strongly as she should. Feminism isn't such a bad word. Seizing her power, she ramps things up. All is well until she discovers some dark secret that Albert has been hiding. Trouble falls on paradise
  3. Feminism Changed Our Marriage 2/3 - Part - 2 Albert tried his best to make Dorothy happy. All seemed well. However, over time, Albert realized how much control he had given up. Worse, he was being wiped out of the home he thought he was co-leading Friends were helping his wife remove him from his own marriage. Then, one day, Dorothy discovered his secret. Now the marriage was in jeopardy
  4. Feminism Changed Our Marriage 3/3 - Part - 3 Negotiating changes in gender roles is one thing. Change in culture and purpose compounds the challenges Dorothy and Albert now confront this big secret with the help of a therapist. Will the marriage survive? Can a new balance be found without Dorothy feeling a loss of power? Or Albert feeling less of a man?


Editorial Note: The above table of content will also live on the portfolio side of the blog as well. Below will be the link preview… it will go live when the last part of the trilogy goes live.

Feminism Changed Our Marriage Trilogy

Dorothy and Albert face changes in their day to day life that threatened the peace in their marriage

Eventually, something had to give.

A fictional look at one small perspective of change in marriage and love


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