The Love Calendar

The Previous Year: That Love Calendar

As the celebrations of the New Year sunk in, Nadine felt confident this was going to be her year. She had her vision board set, her goals splattered all over her desk, and she had the support of her family and close friends. This was the year she was going to make great things happen!

Trying to hide some of her sadness, she discussed with her bff the various steps she was taking to transform her life this year. There were trips, self-discovery adventures, and classes planned. There were getaways planned with friends. All the building blocks necessary to have a happier more successful life.

There was one little problem to her well laid plans. Eddie. He was the one thing preventing her from having the perfect setup to her new year. The man was the love of her life but wasn’t doing much of the loving things one expects.

In fact, Nadine had promised herself to not sacrifice her joy, goals, and happiness at the alter of support to Eddie. If he wanted to go forward with their relationship, he’d have to do that work on his own. She was done carrying him emotionally, financially, as well as mentally. The overgrown boy had but a few weeks to shape up or she would ship him out.

The guy had promised the world, promised many wonderful experiences, and so far, the delivery had been meh at best. Three months into their relationship, she should have listened to the warning signs and bailed, but she loved the guy so much and he had so many potential. Now, years later, after disappointment on top of more, this year was going to be very different.

Reviewing the pains of love

Eddie sat in his chair feeling rather dejected. His love life was tanking and tanking fast. What was it with women these days? They just took everything way too seriously. Worse, he couldn’t understand why his words meant nothing to his love.

She just needed constant assurance that things were fine. To the point that Eddie was starting to think that something else was amiss. No single smart beautiful intelligent creature as his Nadine could possibly be that hungry for constant proof that she was loved.

Yet, here he was, sitting in a chair alone on the most important day of the calendar year, New Year. Not that he minded his cold small apartment much, it was his castle and refuge. But doing the new celebrations alone just didn’t feel right like it did years ago when he had moved in.

Not having to share new goals and aspirations was taking all the joy out of the fact a new year had started off quite well.

As far as Eddie was concerned, the problem was squarely in Nadine’s corner. He had practically sold his soul to her to make her happy, yet she wanted more. Always more.

More commitment.

More participation in her things.

More of everything.

Shaking his head, Eddie had to admit, he had it bad though. Living life without Nadine was like asking a fish to live without water. Such foolery does not get discussed or entertained. Even if logic dictates that he can continue life just fine with and without Nadine. The heart was right, it didn’t want to be without her.

Of course, the multi variable question was this, how will he manage to rebound from this low point and keep Nadine?

Only if he knew, the solution would be solved.

Oh, yeah. That.

Nadine hated that he always thought of everything as solvable problems. Not everything fit neatly into an equation. However, Eddie just needed to prove her wrong this time, and things would be back to their perfect normal.

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