Just Ask Already! Epilogue

The Man of Serious

Sabine looked across her desk to see how her friend Betsy was doing. Always focused at work and busy, Betsy never let a clue fly about her status with Connor.

The office was full of speculations and wild bets around Betsy. The lack of news, as far as the gossip channels were concerned, from the last office party meant that something had not landed quite well on the dance floor.

There was no way that Connor and Betsy could not have any chemistry together. That just couldn’t be possible. Everyone saw how those two danced so intimately close. All that shower of electricity spilling across the entire dance floor had to amount to something real.

The two gals locked eyes for a moment before quickly averting back to work. Sabine knew the real truth about Betsy’s feelings for Connor. Those two hid things exceptionally well at work. No one suspected that a relationship had blossomed… yet everyone wished and hoped they’d be the first to spot that bloom.

While Sabine had great experience at hiding her relationship from everyone, she had a great excuse. Her man was not on the same work floor that she was. In fact, he rarely had to be in the office. Holding an executive position meant that travel was routine.

Sabine felt her cheeks get a bit rosy. It wasn’t just from that knowing look she caught off of Betsy either. It’s the thought of how sweet the holiday party plans were going to be. She was going to spend some much-needed time with her man.

Kevin was just as awesome at hiding his feelings too, at work that is. No one suspected that he was dating someone within the company. Kevin was very private too, much like Connor was. A bit too much like Connor was.

That was a great thing too. Sabine wanted to let Connor know who her boyfriend was, after all, if she had pushed him to open up about his feelings for Betsy, the return was to be expected.

But, true to his usual self, Connor did not ask a single time who Sabine was seeing. In fact, as their friendship grew and deepened, the less concerned Connor was about who Kevin might be.

This could have been awkward, yet Sabine had chatted with Kevin about this in enough depth to know that Connor knew who Kevin was. So that settled that and made things wonderful in the office as she’d not have to worry about someone finding out from Connor who Kevin was.

Looking up once more from her desk, she saw Connor looking at her with a very different look. One she only saw Kevin give. A serious professional face designed to mask information from unsuspecting eyes. A look about plans to take place outside of work. A secret coded look.

Sabine couldn’t help herself, she stole a quick glance towards Betsy and caught a similar look. Betsy had never used that look before. What was her best friends up to?

Just then, Rex strolled into her field of vision barely hiding a bouquet of flowers behind his back.


Rex had tried for years and failed to woo Sabine over. Even in play, he came on very serious. Rex had taken a break from the chase for a few years to focus on Betsy. This was not the year for him to return his affection towards her.

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