Just Ask Already! Epilogue

Career Prospects

Connor had grown close enough to Mr. Braum that certain secrets were now being shared and kept judiciously. Kevin had proved to not be so tech removed as Connor thought.

The way Connor had removed his extra work from the server was not lost on Kevin who was looking for someone with great computer skills for a new start-up he had in mind. The two joined forces some time after the holiday season was long forgotten and were doing quite well.

The parent company had agreed to help this startup grow as it would make better financial sense to nurture their growth from within and eventually partner with them instead of pushing them out for starting up another company.

Kevin was very pleased to discover that Connor had figured out about his relationship with Sabine and kept things beyond quiet. The degree of discretion used by Connor boosted Mr.Braum’s trust and confidence in his business partner.

In time, their trust led to conversations that helped shed much-needed light on how women think. Connor was then able to grow and step up to the plate and be the man in Betsy’s life that she needed. That relationship grew smoothly, quietly, and off everyone’s radar.

At Connor’s recommendation, Betsy had joined the startup and added massive amounts of talent to the software development process. She too was superbly good at keeping things quiet around the office. One day, Kevin noted, he’d tell her part of the back story to how she finally got her dance with Connor. For now, life was going great.

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