Just Ask Already! Epilogue

Lady at the Counter

Rex didn’t waste much time pulling Sabine away from her desk and whisking her to the elevator for a private conversation.

Sabine quickly discovered that Rex wanted to make a solid but understated move to ask the lady in the lobby on not just a date, but the start of a relationship type date away from the office holiday party.

The flowers were just diversionary decoy to cover his plans as he got advice on how to win over the receptionist.

Rex had started dating this lady before joining the company and had put the relationship indefinitely on hold while he chased the never reached goal of taking every woman out to the office party at least once. Could there be a way to reverse any potential damages that could have made? He needed a woman’s point of view.

Ordinarily, Sabine would have told Rex to not even waste the woman’s time, as she deserved a lot more than he had to offer. Being the holiday spirit was alive and well about the office, Sabine left the matter up to chance and encouraged Rex to try his good fortune.

While that was refreshing for Rex to hear, Sabine wondered if the poor unsuspecting lady was even available. Oh well, not her problem. The office would be waiting to find out what came of their not so private rush to the elevator.

Selecting “L” on the panel, Rex was pleasantly surprised by Sabine’s boldness to have him talk to Mabel right then and there. Little did he know, Sabine was not the least concerned about that.

In the lobby, Rex put on his bravest humor face and stepped out towards Mabel. Sabine followed suit with the plans of going towards the stairs when she caught sight of Kevin. Her heart skipped a beat. The man knew how to wear a suit just right.

Mabel greeted Kevin as politely as one would expect while Rex made his way towards her.

“Mr. Braum, would you like me to set up your conference room per your usual today?”

The way Kevin responded to Mabel rang of certainty and confidence. Just the tune that would expose rosy cheeks on Sabine and give Rex a glimpse at their long held secret. Rex was not going to keep that quiet. Not a chance.

As Kevin moved towards the elevator, Rex made his move. He knew his chances were slim, but what did he really have to lose?

Mabel gave Rex a look much like one gives a wayward child who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The old prodigal had returned. As much as his bravado had danced, Mabel knew that she was the best he could ever hope for. Now, the cards were stacked in her favor. She had her man where she needed him to be.

With a smile, she let Rex know that she’d entertain the idea of going to the office party provided he lavished her with the same grand gestures all the other ladies benefited from. As Mabel turned her attention to her work, Rex stood wondering just how much lavishing he’d have to do.

Watching the reflection of the back panel of Mabel’s desk, his eyes found something interesting. Was that a tattoo on her or just the design on her nylon? Rex wasn’t sure. But it sure looked like the telltale sign of small decorative handcuffs beneath the seams of her nylon.

Mabel caught the change in facial expression on Rex. She hid her knowing smile. Her bad boy was about to discover how bad he had been and would thank her for it soon enough.

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