Respect for Women: What of my feelings…?

Less I’m accused of being too harsh…


I’m still that guy who loves what he loves to see. I’m still that guy who wants to know that his feelings are considered and matter. All that polite living can put a cramp on understanding what to do with feelings that just won’t go away.

What I’m saying is this, most outlets to feelings are learned. We can learn to respect women and still enjoy our feelings about and with them. We can still respect their contributions to society, support their work, and be attracted to them.

It is not a zero sum game

Women do not need to be slaughtered on the alter of appearances to be appreciated. Renewable resources are just as sexy as one time use items. The difference is in the word renewable. Keep feeding your lady with love and you’ll get love amplified back. You keep working out with her and she’ll keep her curves as you keep your heart strong enough to enjoy her curves. It’s a win-win deal we’re after.

Selection is the key. With seven billion people on the planet, you’re going to find that combination of beauty and brains that works for you. Then, all you have to do is help sustain that with your generous affection. You never know, she’s probably going to come home tonight and change into your favorite outfit… and rock your world.

Respect women. That’s the gentleman’s way

The man who knows that the days of being a boy is gone is a wise man. For boys will take women for granted and interchange them just like they do their toys. A man, now he knows the value of life, value of investments, value of honor, respect, and trust. That man will cherish and keep his lady happy in full respect. Because that man knows, a satisfied and valued lady outside gladly comes home and unleashes her bounties of freakieness inside.

We can teach ourselves to respect women. We can teach ourselves to value women. The proof is in the fact that there are men who in fact do. They’re the talk of the towns. The ones every woman wants, yet is too taken to notice the throngs of suitors waiting. They’re the ones who make us want to grow up and be men.

It’s teachable. If you don’t know, now you know. Get you some respect… and generously rain it on her name if you want to keep her with you! (she has options ya know)

Additional considerations

the views expressed are not reflective of factual circumstances limited to the author. These ideas were floating about and needed to be penned and shared for entertainment purposes as well as dialogue creating opportunity. Any resemblance to any known persons is purely coincidental. No accusations are being levied at any person or groups of persons. Should you find bits of this resonating with you… carefully decide what you’ll do with this fictional piece of content.

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