When Passions Collide

The funny thing about love, it often covers so many genres of relationships that often collide. Love is always a rosy thing when you first meet it, but in time, as you uncover the supporting arm of love, you can often feel like parts of you are pinned down unexpectedly.

Before continuing in very vague terms… let’s just pop a squat and talk about specifics a bit. One can love their child and want the best for them, but some days, that child will test your patiences to the limits… think teenagers. One can want to support their partner through thick and thin, but then, the thin can be too thin for comfort.

What does one do when the things one is passionate about ends up colliding with other things you’re passionate about? What happens? Which passion wins out?

Collision Course

And so it was, the romance had come to a head. Married so many years, he wanted to have a bit of space. She was not understanding what this meant, things were solid. How come this perfect gentleman wanted space. Space for what?!?

He said he loves her, but that things had shifted a little, and with space, things could be sorted out. She was besides herself. Plans had been set in motion, they were together for the long run, especially now that things were moving forward. Why the time out? What was he thinking?

The pieces overturned

From his side of the conversation, he was feeling a bit closed in, boxed in, hemmed in. She was the type that loved to control everything. Not that it was all entirely bad. She was really good at making things work. He just felt like his input was not important. He felt he was at her service with little in the way of rewards to make up his lack of input.

Furthermore, he understood that as passionately in love as he was with her, she had other priorities competing for her attention and affection. He had to wait. He had to fall in line. Her job, her parents, her siblings, and her other in-laws all needed her. They had to have her support and expertise.

From her side, she was getting tired of pulling the weight of this man. He was good at what he did, but he needed her validation and assurance all the time. It was a bit draining. He always had to check in with her about everything. He said it was because they were a team and decisions were made as team… but whenever he moved slowly, she made a decision and he’d be super upset to not have had the time to comment.

To worsen the situation, he was always horny at the most impractical and improbable times. The man was never in the mood when she had down time. And whenever he was in the mood, it was not a quick thing either, it was a massive marathon affair. She needed her sleep. He was pretty good, she assumed considering he was her only.

Despite all of this, it was a great relationship. People looked up to them. People aspired to be them. Things could not be better. Why then did he need to take time off?

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