When Passions Collide

Oh he was going to pay with his blood for this. He was sleeping with that hussy. Why else would he shave, smooth out his hair, and spray on so much perfume. Why else was his suit so perfect… wait… he had bought that suit for her? The very suits he had insisted he couldn’t do inside his marriage because it was too fancy? Now that hussy was getting the suit? How she loved a suited man!

Weighing his options, the man figured it was best to confess. After all, the jig was up. The passions were now colliding. It was over. He would never be able to safely have his cake and eat it too. The damages were too much.

The confession

He stood back a bit. He knew what was coming next. She had already taken off her shoes and was ready to devour him. He had seen her do that before to another who had crossed her.

Pulling from his back pocket the packet with the information, he cautiously handed it to her, every ready to duck, bob, and weave out of the way.

She dismissed the paper with disdain. There was nothing there to save his soul. She was going to crucify him. How dare he thing the playbill of his date would save him?

As he recalculated his options, he pulled out his phone and set up the site. It was a recording of his actions. It was his only hope. He handed it to her and backed way back to avoid any projectiles she could find, including his phone.

She watched. Her face darkened. Her anger boiled. She had had enough. The brazen bold maneuver was his last straw. She threw the phone at him with all the poison and venom she could muster. He had betrayed her and was proudly flaunting it. It was a video of him in the arms of that other woman!

As she looked for a sharp object to use, as her shoes were too gentle for the task, her phone rang. It was her informant. Her trusted adviser. She took the call.

“Girl you don’t know!!!! I am about to murder this guy!!!”

awkward pause

“You don’t understand, he practically confessed with his dumb stupid geeky smirk”

ever more awkward pause

Hanging up the phone, she looked at him ever sheepishly. She hoped he’d let this one go. It was a whopper of a blunder. He was not going to gloat and hold this over her. It was entirely his fault. This was absolutely his doing. Why had he pulled back from her and said nothing.

He was not going to go back to that floozy however. This was going to end now and never resume ever again. This madness was done.

As he checked on his phone to ensure it was still working, that was one heck of a throw, he figured that the phone call had saved his life for now. For how long was just a guess nevertheless.

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