Things fall into routines. Stalemates and checkmates often leave feelings of stagnation. What can a couple do when their life stops being exciting? That is, if they don't want to split and start over....

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The Long Look Back

Kevin was wrestling with feelings that he couldn't control, stop, reverse, or handle. If he didn't get a grip on them, they would ruin an otherwise perfect relationship Kevin sought help from the only wise person he could trust, Pat... the town's elder. Would Pat be able to help calm the inner struggles Kevin was facing or would his two year relationship implode as a consequence?

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The Love Calendar

Nadine was totally fed up with Eddie. He just couldn't manage to be romantic Eddie was tired of hearing Nadine asking for more affection, love, time, everything. Then, science saved the day. What if a Love Calendar could handle all of this? Could it be too good to be true? Something had to give or else, the New Year would not finish very well for this couple.

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Donna Makes a Move

Every now and again, a bit of a challenge in the form of a jolt is needed to help love blossom. When a well heeled beautifully suited woman shows up at your door offering an opportunity of a lifetime, do you take it?

The Client

Steve gets a gift that will change his life. He's not yet aware of the gift, but the lady in the white Lexus is key to changing his world for better

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