The Love Calendar


As the year was winding down and people were getting all excited about their coming New Year, Nadine smiled. Her relationship had survived a year and they were going to start the new one on a very positive note. He was taking her to one of her favorite places for a kick-off unlike anything she had for a new year. She was going to see the ball drop in person with her favorite person!

Eddie was also very happy about how things had turned out. The calendar had not failed him. He had used his strengths to address the weaknesses of himself in his relationship. He now had built up a lot of evidence for Nadine to understand and feel how much he loved her. Not only that, there was something very logical to his plans that made him excited to share new adventures with Nadine. He was actually very excited about the future and it showed.

Nadine had watched with ever increasing curiosity as Eddie seemed to recall very important dates that he always seemed to forget. Their anniversaries of many kinds that was important to her, he now seemed to recall and do something sweet to commemorate them. Things she needed done by him, he seemed to not need any more reminders either.

More intriguing for her, he didn’t send out many calendar invites for much. They rarely argued about his inability to remember what she’d told him to do, remember, or remind her of. The man seemed focused and into their success.

As Nadine prepared to send Eddie a copy of her New Year’s Resolutions, her heart skipped a beat or three. Unlike before, she now felt she had a man who understood her and was willing to work with her towards a common future.

This time, her bff was asking her for pointers on how to train her man to grow up so fast in a relationship. Nadine for the first time had to admit that she hadn’t made her man do anything. He had wanted to change and he made all the necessary work to change.

If anything, Nadine was now going to update her love calendar. She needed to step up her game now. Eddie was being the man. She now wanted more than ever to be his leading lady and make him very happy.

Happy New Year dear readers. May all your plans come together, thanks to regular massive actions on your part. Plan your success and go execute it! May your relationships blossom and bloom majestically

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