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Eddie, while mulling over his resolutions, was listening to a stream of words a self help guru was spitting out on one of the many Live social outlets he subscribed to. His ears perked up a bit, the man was talking about how to magnify the potential of your romance in the new year.

Now, this usually got lost in the background noise of life, but Eddie decided to tune in and listen. After all, he wanted to make things work with Nadine. They had invested enough that things were supposed to be good.

Eventually, the speaker got to some juicy information. That was the reason why Eddie loved listening to this man. Always had practical juicy tidbits one could act on.

Men want facts, women want evidence

His logical side latched on to the phrase and felt a ray of hope shine into his darkened mood. A guy just needed to know the fact that he was loved and was good to go for a long time. So long as new facts didn’t come up to challenge the premise of the last known fact, most guys did not need to hear the phrase “I love you” often to rest comfortable in the knowledge that he’s loved.


Simple elegant fact. Why couldn’t Nadine understand that. He kept reminding her that she was loved but nothing about the reminders seemed to stick and satisfy her. She had tried going a stretch of time without saying it to punish him only to get upset that it didn’t bother him none that she didn’t keep on reminding him she loved him.

Crazy talk for real.

The next part sent chills down his spine however. Women want to know the words “I love you” is backed up with plenty of evidences for verification that they’re loved. The lack of evidence means the statement is false, therefore a lie, and now subjected to scrutiny.


Was he missing some type of evidence? And how could he track them, as they kept on disappearing whenever he thought he had them.

Oh, wait… there is more…

All submitted evidence are classified and dated on the day of receipt and only counts for that day’s allowance.

Bummer. That really sucks.

The slate was washed cleaned every single day. This was going to really be a drag. In order to keep Nadine happy, he’d have to constantly supply evidence that he loved her in addition to saying “I love you”

The Scientific Method

As crazy and messed up as the thinking of women were to Eddie, now there was something he could work with. Something that could be organized, made orderly, and could be measured. What if, just maybe, he cracked the enigmatic code of women thanks to the help of this guru?

While the guru made an heartfelt emotional plea to get the listener to buy his relationship solution, Eddie didn’t need to drop a large amount of cash to know what he needed to do now. The key was now his and he was not going to let it slip away. If he got this wrong, not only would he be single fast, he’d not know how to move on and get another chance ever with anyone.

Sitting up, turning on some lights, Eddie pulled out the tools he felt he needed and went to work. This could well be a breakout year for him after all.


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