The Love Calendar

Over Brunch

Nadine reluctantly walked into the restaurant that Eddie had picked for them to have brunch in. Not that the place was not nice or anything, in fact, one of the nicer choices he’d made in a long long time. Her trepidation was based on the fact that whenever he took her out someplace really nice, it was the result of a guilt trip she had laid on him during an argument. He was trying to appease and pacify her.

Now, this early in the year, Nadine figured that Eddie was trying to atone for his lack of participation in her New Year’s celebrations. The man had nothing planned, yet he insisted on staying at his place alone. This had better be good, as her patience for more lame excuses had grown super thin.

Eddie was happy to see Nadine. He had not worked so hard before to get a date with anyone. She had ducked and dodged him well. Good thing he had a good relationship with her mom, as she helped him seal the deal on this date. It was his main and probably only good chance to start the year right, albeit weeks into it.

The Big Plans

Brunch was lacking the usual luster one expects. If Eddie didn’t know better, his woman’s affection was lost way outside the window. It was more a formality that she was there. No matter, she was there now.

As the servers moved their dishes and prepared them for desert, Eddie took a shot in the dark.

The Tune is Different

Nadine listed with care while keeping her face as uninterested as possible. She was going to make this man earn every single bit of anything she ever would give him this year. His plan sounded rather nice. Different too.

Unlike prior years, this man was not asking her to deliver more of anything. He wasn’t asking for more sensational feels of her body or asking for more leniency about his involvement in her interests. Eddie was actually asking good questions about what she liked and what she wanted to do with her year. Plus, he was not letting her answer with dismissive comments, he was probing and diving into what she cared about.

As much as her heart wished to understand this change of heart, she knew better. Leopards don’t change their spots just because their beauticians have amazing bleaching skills.

Nadine noted with interest that despite asking solidly good questions, Eddie was not pledging much either. The man was carefully hedging something, but what?

Then, out of left field, he hooked her with his usual request of help, or so it seemed. Unlike his typical, Eddie was asking her how she managed to be so good a reaching big huge complex goals. And as he was asking, he was pulling out a notepad and pen.

Could this guy really be trying to learn something or was this another trick to make it look like he was a changed man trying to avoid a breakup?

Nadine figure the only way to find out was to actually call the man’s bluff out. She was going to share some of her goals, aspirations, plans, and then see this out. Eddie, who she knew very well, would not follow up on anything she’d bait him with. She’d have her final proof and would dump him once and for all.

While Scribbling Furiously

Eddie was enjoying this process plenty. He knew that Nadine was not impressed. He also needed to have an understanding of what was important to her. If his plan was to work, he needed as much insight as possible. He scribbled away as fast as possible taking all the notes he could. There was much work to do.

Thankfully, desert was served. This gave Eddie the time he needed to catchup on all the notes he had to write. Nadine on her part watched with curiosity but kept her distance. This novel approach had some promise to it, had it been a better gentleman doing the work. She owed herself enough to not fall for this cheap ploy. Her plans involved giving Eddie just enough time to spin his own rope around his neck.

What Nadine couldn’t know from her distance was the types of notes Eddie was taking. Not all of them were verbatim copy of her words. Only time would tell if his interpretations were accurate or not.


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