Irrational Logics

Around the first world resides a little secret that has caused many a private fights. Some less sophisticated folks have allowed this secret to leak out into the public sector. The Irrational Logics that slowly messes with love needs to get exposed and discussed. After all, happiness is worth the effort.


Irrational Logics

There are a few practices that both genders do that drive the other wild and crazy. The list is rather long, however let’s just focus on one. This may have happened to you, hopefully not, but if it has, hopefully you can enjoy this post logically.

Let’s line up the candidates first, however, to set the stage. The evidences has only been studied anecdotally within heterosexual relationship. Sadly, nothing available at the time of publication for other relationships.

The Man

Usually, this particular specie of the human race likes to think of himself as the natural born leader of the relationship in which he finds himself in. He likes to believe himself as very rational, logical, and fair. Often times pronouncing himself with authority not only for himself but also for his mate. Interestingly enough, this specimen likes to refer to his mate in possessive terms and often treats said mate as property.

Few in the specie have matured to the ranks of protectorate and looks out for the well being of their mate. These rare specimen will work hard to ensure the happiness of their mate and will often arrive with various offerings to their primary domicile. Some bring peace offerings, others love offerings, some offerings randomly enjoying the look of surprise and delight the gesture produces.

The Woman

The bearer of life, the chief architect of the primary domicile often does not get the due credit for their hard work, ingenuity, and creativity. This part of the specie often has capabilities of survival that far out performs their male counterparts who constantly insist on being superior.

This very hard working segment of the population often is viewed as entirely too emotional and engages in many competitive practices amongst other females that defy categorization. They’ve labeled this behavior as petty and catty. The authors of this article were advised not to add further commentary on this subject.

A given wise savant has quipped that the male is the rough draft and the female the masterpiece. Given the way the social media platforms grant women significantly more love, it would appear at first blush that this is an accurate assessment.

The Report

The irrational logics in question revolve around a scent that plays out during many mating rituals. And there appears no end in sight to this battle. The more affluent the member of this specie becomes, the more prevalent this problem grows.

How, pray tell, does this play out? Let’s borrow a page from many playwrights and share the script.

“Honey, are you ready to go?”

“I need just a few minutes”

“Hurry, I’m going to wait in the car”

“I said just a few minutes”

Some time later, much much later, after the valet parking is done, and the meal is nearly complete, and a romantic walk is in order…

“Babe, isn’t the moon lovely?”


“What do you mean, yes”

“Yes… I agree with you”

“So, one word only?”


Now the tension seems to have built up, the two aren’t standing as close. The male tends to increase his already too fast a walking pace. The lady not to be intimidated slows her pace and starts to admire everything but the gentleman.

Eventually, the tone shifts and things rapidly start to go downhill.

“Wait a moment, my feet hurt”

“I don’t get why women do such stupidity. Why buy something that is uncomfortable and will hurt you. Makes no logical sense”

“What did you just say?”

“I wouldn’t be that dumb to buy something that will hurt my feet. It’s stupid. Wear something comfortable”

“Oh, now you have more than one word to say”


“Please! You would be upset if I didn’t wear my heels tonight”

“I didn’t tell you to wear something painful or ridiculous. You should only wear what you can walk in”

“Are you saying I can’t walk in heels?”

For the sake of efficiency, let’s just say that the night did not end well for the male in this picture, and I’m sure you can figure out by now who said what.

The interpretations of each of these comments will vary some from couple to couple, but the misunderstanding definitely leaves hurt marks and wear the love a bit thinner in the relationship.

on the next page, let’s dissect this irrational logics a bit

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