Irrational Logics

Conclusive notions

Sometimes it is important to read things at face value and acting on them. Other times, it’s important to look a few layers lower and dig in to find the real issue. Knowing the difference is wisdom built through experience.

Be polite and kind to your partner. That’s just the way of being courteous and a good human citizen. There is nothing weak about being polite and kind to the person you profess to love. No matter what the example you had growing up, you can do better for yourself.

In fact, it takes great strength to bite one’s tongue when facing the irrational logics of your partner, and put yourself in their figurative shoes. Once you’ve walked the proverbial mile in their figurative shoes, you’ll start to see the logical aspects of their view and perspective.

Funny thing, often times, the practice of seeing things from your partner’s view will often open your eyes to the irrationality of your logics, and also discover your own blind-spots.

Through wonderful dialogue, many individuals experience great growth by seeing things from the perspective of the person who loves them and wants the best for them.

In our lead story, the man eventually did get the chance to see the absurdity of his requests when someone later pointed out to him how much he looked annoyed and was gloomy whenever his lady wore flats on five star dates. She decided that dates were the worse place to break-in shoes and opted to only used known comfortable heels on a five star date.

One person once suggested that all couples should trade places with once a year for a short period of time to experience life from the other’s point of view. As this blog doesn’t recommend cross-dressing, it wouldn’t fit this post well. not that this blog is against cross dressing either

As love continues to grow and blossom, and couples share and understand each other better, the instances of irrational logics should diminish.

The recommendation to the reader is to be more loving, more patient, and more understanding of your partner. Use appropriate good moments to have a dialogue to better understand the needs and expectations of your partner. In time, you’ll understand their logical views. Eventually a nice middle grown can be reached so that the relationship can continue to grow.

Should too much time pass without getting such wisdom and understanding… the problem may grow such that it appears to be insurmountable.

Keep up the excellent work of building your love’s perspective so it serves you to the best of it’s ability. Have a great rest of your day.

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