A Strain Over a Drain of Pain


Over a cup of coffee towards the end of a wonderful vacation trip, the couple sat overlooking a majestic body of water that was just glimmering with hope from the kiss of a rising sun. Amber sat in quiet meditation. Her love had changed plenty since the sink incident. Douglas was different. He was less picky, less confrontational, less exacting.

Douglas was still as quiet a man as he always was, but now, when he spoke, there was less begging and more telling in his voice. Maybe a little more bass in there too, Amber noted.

While they never talked about that moment of him sobbing in the bathroom, the life that had seemed gone from his eyes had slowly returned. There was some downsides to this new man however. He was not as willing to pickup whatever she didn’t feel like doing. In fact, Douglas has finally drawn clear boundaries about his expectations about the house.

The list was not long nor unreasonable. However, whenever Amber crossed a guideline, the look in his eyes turned very cold and cutting. Amber quickly corrected herself as she had no idea what these new eyes were capable of doing. She was not willing to challenge him either.

The love was definitely changing also. Douglas cared as much as ever, but his tolerance had changed. Amber felt a ground swell of pride and respect fill her for her husband.

Amber noted, with great interest, that she was not as eager to try and wrestle solutions either out of Douglas’ hands or pushing her solutions down his throat to help him grow up. The man was grown now.

As for the matter of the sink, Amber still preferred to not use the strain, but the way Douglas had changed made her try harder not to do dishes without the strain in place over the drain. Turns out the new gadget was actually very useful. She had dropped her ring(s) a few time in the sink and that little gadget had saved her from expensive replacement costs. Douglas was on to something after all with his techie things.

Where Amber felt the relationship had gained the most ground was in the bedroom. The one place they had no issues, was the place that had the greatest amount of change. Douglas was now clearly in charge in the bedroom. And while that sounds horrible, Amber thought while smiling behind her coffee cup, he turned out to be that much more in tuned with her body and it’s needs. The man was delivering exactly what she needed more than ever.

While Amber was still getting used to a few questions about their love life every now and again, she now gladly answered them because that usually led to a pleasant discovery and surprise a few nights later. The kind of surprises that elevated her experience of pleasure to much greater heights than she thought was possible.

Douglas was feeling happier not having to be the clean up guy after his wife. She got the message from his change in tone that she was to be a bit more organized. He didn’t mind helping, but she had to ask and be willing to accept his help on his terms. After all, the only reason to ask for help is because you’re not able to do yourself your way.

Douglas was feeling more respect now that things had changed. They conversed more openly, clearer, and more thoroughly than before. This meant having far fewer discussions than before because the conversations were very productive and the conclusions were respected and kept.

Douglas now had more time to work on his personal things because he was doing less cleaning up after Amber. The place didn’t look as perfect as he wanted, but he didn’t care as much either. Things were running more smoothly than before.

Then, there was the question of their love life. Douglas never had an issue with how things were in bed. However, now, Amber seemed that much more interested in improving things in bed. She was far more willing to try new things, more open to playing more. How that change came about totally eluded Douglas, but he was not about to question or analyze this. To him, this was totally unexpected and he was not going to rock the boat and mess it up with needless chat.

As far as the drain situation was concerned, Douglas decided it was not worth fighting about it. It was a tiny thing that he could learn to let go. Next time the drain got clogged, he was just going to call a plumber. There was no point sacrificing his evenings to fix something she was not willing to prevent breaking to begin with. Strangely enough, the less an issue he made of it, the more she was diligent to keep the strain over the drain.

While that was a bit of a puzzle for him, one thing Douglas understood, this was not a battle to engage in or stir up. Leave well enough alone. Although he did enjoy the periodic clearing of his throat that made his lady jump correct. He noted not to do that too much, as to not be a royal pain in her tush.

Speaking of tush, Douglas thought it was time to put the coffee cups down and turn in for an early morning round of love making before going out on the town. So, standing up, he decisively took his wife’s hand as gently as he could, and led her to their bed. He was happy to see how her eyes opened receptively and she followed without protesting.

Sometimes, the big picture is far nicer to hold in mind than the smaller matter stuck in a strain covering a drain.

the story may sound familiar to some… but it is not representative of any one particular person or relationship. This is the age old conflict between men and women. How do you line up desires that don’t easily translates across personalities, gender, and preferences. Whatever your situation, work on saving the relationship. In time, the relationship will save you both. Much easier said than done… but it is truly the little things that make pivotal changes… especially if they’re cumulative

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