A Strain Over a Drain of Pain

Meanwhile by the drain, some strain remained a pain


Douglas gave his experiment the fullest attention he could. He picked up way more responsibilities around the house. He tried to read up on being more romantic. He worked extra hard at work to minimize his hours of overtime to be home to do more and support his wife.

She was happier, she was more inclined to acknowledge his efforts than ever before. She was even more prone to ask for assistance than ever before.

While that made things look better on the outside, the nagging feeling that this experiment was a failure was growing too much for Douglas to hold. He was ready to retire and quit. Amber was using him to get her agenda done. The only person really winning here was Amber. She had successfully trained Douglas to be her servant. And this was tearing him apart not just at the seams but dead center core.

What Proof of Failure?

Amber never actually got on board with the tech gadgets. She never used them. She put them off to the side. The new strain always got pulled out and placed by the drain whenever she had to do the dishes. The food kept going in like old times. Worse, whenever Douglas would take the strain out to clean it, she would tease him with a degree of sass that he was doing things wrong and would let food down the drain.

While her playful tone was meant to make him laugh, which he did, it was drilling holes through his heart. He felt ridiculed and his ego was taking massive harsh blows each time.

Many of the agreed chores that were to be split down the middle were now squarely his to upkeep. All his side projects were now indefinitely shut down because there was no more time to do anything other thank keep up after the mess Amber made.

Then, the sink clogged

Douglas got the call to hurry home. It had been the first time in a long while that he was out with his boys. Actually, since the new strain was installed, he had not gone out with his friends nearly a year. Totally unheard of in his group of friends.

The call came shortly after they had head out to go play ball. While Douglas put on a pitiful protest, the friends all quickly nudged him to head back to his ball and chain. After all, things were now very different.

With his head hung, Douglas slowly made his way home, ignoring the four additional calls from his wife during the twenty minute slow drive back.

On arrival, he was greeted by a happy cheerful Amber who announced that she had found some of his old tools and set them up in the kitchen so that he could work on clearing the clogged sink.

There was nothing Douglas could do. The battle had clearly been decided and won. Amber now owned him.

His marriage had stopped being a marriage in his mind. Now it was just a life sentence to be served. As he struggled to fix the mess, all Douglas kept thinking is that he had foolishly thought it would be a great idea to marry a brilliant powerful capable woman.

All that allure was for nothing. She had outwitted him, and that was that. Strong independent powerful women were not interested in loving a man. They were only interested in making them eunuchs. These types of women would never rest until they had taken charge and castrated their husbands.

Many hours later, the mess was cleaned up. The drain working again. A pity kiss had been blown his way. Instructions given for him to bathe immediately, as she was not about to have his mess touch her. That was the final blow to his ego. There was not much fight left in him.

Douglas was painfully aware that his only tool left to fight with was abstinence and Amber was far better at using that tool than he ever was.

Amber did note the lack of life in Douglas’ eyes as he went to clean up in the shower. Puzzled, she asked if he was OK. When the answer failed to come, she pressed a little more only to be met with a slow closing and locking of the bathroom door. Never had a man dared close a door to her face like that since she’d hit puberty.

The sound of sobs that later faintly slid beneath the door worried Amber. Did Douglas hurt his hand under that sink? Was he trying to be macho and hide that from her? Well, that was totally silly. If anyone could help him out, she was the one. How weird was that?


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