A Strain Over a Drain of Pain

A brilliant idea struck


Out of nowhere, an idea struck Douglas. This happened while he was away visiting a college buddy of his for a weekend. While they were working on catching up, he noticed that the wife was huffing and puffing about the house upset that the boys were having a blast while she toiled with all the work of the house.

His buddy assured him all was well, but Douglas felt moved to help out. So, while taking a break from their laughter, Douglas made his way to the kitchen to help do some of the dishes. The least he could do anyway.

That’s where the idea struck him. He was wrapping up the dishes and looked to clean out the strain in the drain and saw that they had a very different model of strain than he was accustomed to seeing. Unlike the ones with a nice little center “rod” to pull the strain up or secure it to stop the water from flowing, this one was a totally mesh strain that had no stopper feature to it.

This was ideal. Perfect. There was plenty of surface area for the water to flow around any trapped food. There was no stopper feature to accidentally close and stop the water… causing the sink to fill. This was the ideal answer to the problems he had at home with Amber.

If she saw this new style of strain and saw how well it allowed her to do her dishes in peace, she’d leave it alone. He’d have his peace of mind knowing that the food wasn’t going down the drain to get caught and clogged. This was the answer!

And, if there was a techie solution to this problem, then there would be other techie solutions for all his other woes he had in his marriage!

Douglas rushed his buddy to the store to buy the strain. He had the solution. He was not crazy! This was going to save their marriage!! This was the turning point. He was too excited to really stay in the moment. He couldn’t wait to get back and solve their marriage!

Boys will always be toy happy

Amber took note of the new strain cover in the sink and chuckled. Her husband always thought of fancy solutions to everything. His need to feel some level of control was always bordering on out of control. There was nothing wrong to fix, yet he felt the need to introduce something new. Amber hoped that this would calm her husband’s need to control how she did the dishes.

This little gadget was not going to change anything about how she did what she did, but boy did she hope it provided her husband some relief with his OCD like tendencies. Maybe Douglas would finally be able to help more with doing the dishes. She had picked up more work and the additional hours made doing the dishes harder for her to squeeze into her schedule.

As the weeks passed, Amber noticed with delight how many other things about the house got minor tweaks and upgrades. So much so that she felt that their relationship had finally taken a turn for the better. They were OK, but Douglas was stressing her out most times… and now his gadgets was keeping him busy and her stress low.

Now with all these little upgrades, Douglas seemed to have channeled his OCD like tendencies into solutions that kept him happier and less confrontational. The man was more agreeable now, more at peace, more at ease, and more comfortable being home with her. Amber loved this rejuvenation of spirits her husband had. She kept her fingers crossed that these upgrades would lead to a more permanent positive disposition in Douglas.

As the weeks turned to months, Amber started to point out other areas in which Douglas could improve and be a better husband. The changes were working, the nitpicking was ending. Solutions was coming forth. The man was even getting to create more time to be romantic. Amber felt that all her patience had finally paid off. Not to mention, all the interventions she had asked her girlfriends to do was working finally.

So proud was she of her efforts, she started to share more on social media how she managed to tame the wild youthful ignorances of her man with her followers. Many asked questions. Many claimed that the strategies shared was helping improve their relationships and taming the wolf that their men had. All was going very well for a change.

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