When Ambitions Compete… relationship harmony hangs in the balance

Can a romance survive the tug of war of two lovers who have a very different idea of what their future should look like? Terrence loves to chill and is fine with whatever the future holds. Alex needs a clear path to the future in order to feel comfortable. He thinks she wants an instant proposal. She's baffled that he doesn't care about tomorrow When ambitions compete... or don't compete... harmony hangs in the balance. Will these two live long enough to celebrate their first anniversary? Or will the fight over a pool party end it all?

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To Be Complete… in love

We often assume that love will fix things... love will complete us... love is a magic solution. Sorry. It is not. It takes work to become complete so you can completely enjoy love Inspired words from a post by Teekay of Fashion Pastry launching this blog post

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