Change Paradox

There is a way to change so that your relationship does not change.... paradoxically The more things change, the more they stay the same. Let's see how these ideas hold up in marriage... for a change... and see how change does change... if at all.

Golden Handcuffs

Some feel that relationships are just balls and chains that keep people tied down. Others rather work on their careers than their personal relationships While others would much rather spend more time bond to each other in bliss. Whatever your preference, make sure your gold handcuffs fit your needs.


Things fall into routines. Stalemates and checkmates often leave feelings of stagnation. What can a couple do when their life stops being exciting? That is, if they don't want to split and start over....

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The Long Look Back

Kevin was wrestling with feelings that he couldn't control, stop, reverse, or handle. If he didn't get a grip on them, they would ruin an otherwise perfect relationship Kevin sought help from the only wise person he could trust, Pat... the town's elder. Would Pat be able to help calm the inner struggles Kevin was facing or would his two year relationship implode as a consequence?

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In Good Company

Most mornings require coffee to start it off right. Mondays may require a double dose... But sometimes, something a bit stronger, naughtier, hotter, spicier is needed. Only possible when keeping good company

Respect for Women: What of my feelings…?

It is correct, men have to respect women. However true, there is a complication....feelings. Guys have feelings that aren't always respectful in nature. Is there really a solution? Can respect and feelings coexist? One tiny sliver of a look at the huge topic of respect for women. Respect and feelings do coexist...

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Pre-Holidays Jitter

The most wonderful time of the year to spend with friends and families.... And then, you find out your loved on isn't feeling very lovey-dovey All that work to build a love connection over the summer now is done and over with. Why? Just one little take on what may have played against your favor... food for thought...

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